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First, a little cost covering...

Things up in the air...
I don't want to go into too many specifics (none at all, actually) but things in my life may be changing soon. It appears that the project I've been working on may get it's plug pulled. And I was so eager for this baby to succeed, too. It's some of the best code I've ever written. (But that's how it should be, right? Your newest code should always be the best!)

Well, more details as they appear in my life.

Trillian Astra Profile!
I'm thrilled to finally get in on the Trillian Astra Alpha. I begged and begged and they finally relented. I've always loved Trillian, and getting in on the new testing for the next version was something I was really interested in. And, honestly, it's proven to be a pretty stable product!


Professionally, Will Belden enjoys programming in ColdFusion, SQL Server and HTML/DHTML and holds an Advanced Certification in ColdFusion. Will has been programming for almost 15 years. While Will's focus is on code development, backend development and overall project guidance.

Personallly, we enjoy a variety of inspirations, including Anne Rice collections, cruising, travel abroad and in the U.S., our family, travel, creative writing & drawing, travel, volunteering, travel, our dog "Teq" and if you haven't guessed by now, TRAVEL.

Whether you have come to check out my site for personal or professional reasons, enjoy.